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Candidate information

If you're interested in the U.S. Naval Academy, we want to help you learn more!

For all high school students or active duty enlisted personnel interested in finding out more about the U.S. Naval Academy, the North Texas Chapter can help.

Admissions Office Representative: The Chapter can put you in touch with the North Texas liaisons to the USNA Candidate Guidance Office.  CAPT Thomas J. Kapurch, USN (Retired) is a USNA '75 graduate serving as our Dallas "Blue and Gold Officer" and CDR Bob Robert Mackey USNR (Retired) (USNA '70) is the Blue and Gold coordinator for Fort Worth.  Anyone interested in further information regarding Naval Academy admissions should contact CAPT Kapurch at tom.kapurch@gmail.com or CDR Mackey at bobmackey70@verizon.net.

Speak to local Alumni: If you'd like to speak to a local graduate, please feel free to email any of the Chapter Officers.  We'll either talk to you directly or put you in touch with a local graduate with whom you have something in common - perhaps a sport, location, or a military service selection you might be interested in. 

The main USNA Admission website is http://www.usna.edu/Admissions/

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