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Message from the Chapter President

Greeting North Texas,


As you may be aware, once again the North Texas Alumni Chapter ranked among the top nine alumni chapters in total membership size and is entitled to provide a trustee for another three year term starting earlier this month.  In an abbreviated process driven by the short period between being informed that the chapter would be providing a trustee for another term and the first meeting when the Trustee is seated which was less than a month, Chapter officers followed the bylaws to identify a trustee but found two instances where the chapter bylaws were inconsistent with the national organization’s bylaws.  In one place, our bylaws were incorrect and in another more restrictive than the national bylaws.  These inconsistencies were corrected in accordance with the procedures defined in our bylaws at the April monthly luncheon but in doing so the officers determined we could do things better.


·         First, the process for amending the bylaws does not take into consideration email and social media.  As defined today, Article IX of the bylaws spells out the following requirements to amend the bylaws:

Any amendment to these Bylaws may be proposed by any Regular Member of the Chapter. Such a proposal shall be submitted to the President, in writing, who shall cause such proposed amendment, or a general description thereof, to be included in the notice of the next Membership Meeting. At this meeting, such proposed amendment or amendments shall be approved or disapproved by a majority vote of Regular Members in attendance. Upon the request of five (5) Regular Members present, following such a voice vote, an election shall be conducted by written ballot, one vote per Regular Member in Attendance, with no proxies allowed, to be counted and determined by a committee consisting of all current Officers present.


·         Second, the process for selecting a national trustee may not be as inclusive as it should be.  The officers would like to design a more inclusive process where the entire chapter could submit nominees.  As defined today, paragraphs D, F, and G of Article V of the bylaws spell out the requirements for the National Trustee.  Those requirements were amended in April to make our bylaws consistent with the national bylaws and those changes are underlined and included below:


(D) Upon notice from the National Association that the Chapter is qualified for a Chapter Trustee, the President shall convene a nominating committee consisting of at least four (4) members of the Board who shall make its recommendations to the President in sufficient time for the full Board to act on their nomination and to elect a Chapter Trustee. The election must be at a time to coincide with the National Association’s requirements, generally in the early Spring.

(F) The Chapter Trustee term shall be for three (3) years, or as specified by the National Association, so long as the Chapter qualifies. Candidates for the office of Chapter Trustee must meet all of the following requirements:

1. Be an active member for the immediate past three (3) years.

2. Must be able to attend all Trustee Meetings at the Naval Academy

3. Must be a Regular Member in good standing.

4 The Chapter Trustee may not succeed himself. Trustee’s tenure will be in accordance with the national association’s bylaws

5. The Chapter Trustee is subject to recall by the Board for cause.


(G) Should the Chapter Trustee be unable to serve his complete term, the Board, in accordance with Article V - (D) above, shall elect his replacement, who shall serve a full three year term from that date, subject to the fact that Trustee terms of office run from May to May, and subject to approval by the National Association a qualified replacement to complete the trustee’s three year term.


Two suggestions for improving the bylaws would be to define a required time for consideration of proposed bylaw changes and implement an electronic voting process.  For selection of the National Trustee, while it may be presumptive, it also may be prudent to implement a process where the chapter completes the National Trustee selection process in the first quarter of the tri-annual count year prior to the announcement. 


As a result, we are taking the following action:

·         We are going to review our bylaws and consider the recommended changes. 

o   To review our bylaws we are looking for a minimum of three volunteers to work with the Chapter Officers to review at a minimum Articles V and IX of the bylaw. 

o   Please email me if you would be willing to work on this effort to review these suggestions and others to update the bylaw procedures.

o   These recommended changes will be presented electronically to the chapter by the August luncheon and voted on in September. 

·         Additionally, we are going to reopen the Chapter Trustee selection process with the following timeline:

o   In a separate email we will be requesting nominees to serve as the Chapter Trustee to the National Board with nominations closing June 30th.

o   The Nominating Committee will consider all candidates and announce its selectee by July 15th


If you have any questions about this or anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 


Thanks very much,

Matthew Elias ‘78


North Texas Chapter

USNA Alumni Association 



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