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May Chapter Luncheon - Gregg Jones, Author
Our speaker will discuss his book - Last Stand and Khe Sanh


Gregg Jones is also the author of the highly acclaimed Honor in the Dust. In his thirty years as a newspaper foreign correspondent and investigative reporter, he was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the Gerald Loeb Awards.

He has reported from twenty-eight countries, writing about everything from coups and revolutions to Indonesian shadow puppetry and Thai cinema.

His reporting on military affairs has included coverage of the war in Afghanistan, civil wars in Sri Lanka and Cambodia, and insurgencies in Burma, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines.

He has been a staff writer at the Los Angeles Times, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Dallas Morning News, and has been interviewed many times by CNN television and BBC radio. He lives in Texas.


When: 11:30 am, Tuesday, May 19th 2015

Where: Park City Club, 5956 Sherry Lane, Suite 1700, Dallas TX 79225

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short excerpt from the book: 

In a remote mountain stronghold in 1968, six thousand US Marines awoke one January morning to find themselves surrounded by 20,000 enemy troops. Their only road to the coast was cut, and bad weather and enemy fire threatened their fragile air lifeline. The siege of Khe Sanh—the Vietnam War's epic confrontation—was underway.

For seventy-seven days, the Marines and a contingent of US Army Special Forces endured artillery barrages, sniper fire, ground assaults, and ambushes. Air Force, Marine, and Navy pilots braved perilous flying conditions to deliver supplies, evacuate casualties, and stem the North Vietnamese Army's onslaught.

As President Lyndon B. Johnson weighed the use of tactical nuclear weapons, Americans watched the shocking drama unfold on nightly newscasts. Through it all, the bloodied defenders of Khe Sanh held firm and prepared for an Alamo-like last stand.

Now, Gregg Jones takes readers into the trenches and bunkers at Khe Sanh to tell the story of this extraordinary moment in American history. Last Stand at Khe Sanh captures the exceptional courage and brotherhood that sustained the American fighting men throughout the ordeal. It brings to life an unforgettable cast of characters—young high school dropouts and rootless rebels in search of John Wayne-glory; grizzled Korean War veterans; daredevil pilots; gritty platoon leaders and company commanders; and courageous Navy surgeons who volunteered to serve in combat with the storied Marines.

Meshing in-depth interviews with siege survivors, thousands of pages of archival documents, and scores of oral history accounts, Gregg Jones delivers a poignant and heart-pounding narrative worthy of the heroic defense of Khe Sanh.

Event Information
Tuesday, May 19 2015 at 11:30am [ iCal ]
Park City Club
5956 Sherry Lane Suite 1700
Dallas, TX 75225

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