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Chapter Trustee Election - 2017

The Chapter will elect a Trustee to serve on the USNA Alumni Association Board

The North Texas Chapter anticipates earning a position on the board of the Naval Academy Alumni Association for the upcoming term, beginning with the May 2017 board meeting. We may qualify for a position based upon chapter size, and all chapters are now providing their member counts to the national chapter to determine which chapters qualify. The top 9 largest chapters qualify, and we were #4 last cycle. While we do not want to seem presumptuous, we do want to prepared if we are among the top nine chapters again.  
Therefore, in conjunction with our bylaws, and because our current trustee, Matthew Elias, is term-limited, in February and March we intend to hold an election for the Chapter’s National Trustee for a three-year term. Our goal is to have the Trustee designate elected and ready to serve upon notification by the national board of our chapter earning a seat.
This Trustee represents our chapter in Annapolis. As such, if granted a seat for the next cycle, we are seeking in our trustee a member who:
  • Knows the chapter well, and has been involved in it as a member for a long period
  • Can represent our interests, and serve as a bridge between our chapter and the national organization
  • Can help the national organization with achieving its goals by engaging and accepting responsibility on the national board
  • According to outgoing Trustee Matthew Elias, the Board is seeking younger, engaged members from classes from the 80’s and younger.
This role is extremely important, and we want our Trustee to represent the best in our great chapter.
Notes about the position:
  • Please see Article V of the NTX chapter bylaws (http://www.usnaaa-ntx.com/bylaws.html) under “National Trustee” (page 5)
  • According to outgoing Trustee Matthew Elias, the Board is seeking younger, engaged members from classes from the 80’s and younger. This is not a requirement though. 
  • Must be an Alumni member of the North Texas Chapter in good standing
  • Elected Trustee becomes a member of our North Texas Chapter Board
  • Trustee must commit to attend all Trustee Meetings at the Naval Academy which are two days long and held twice a year in May and December. Mxpenses are covered by the National Chapter, and the NTX chapter picks up other reasonable expenses.
  • The chapter will engage with the Trustee to ensure the chapter members get a report from all Trustee meetings
If there are any questions about the trustee position, please reach out to current trustee Matthew Elias (melias@bens.org) directly, and/or consult the national Chapter bylaws. (http://www.usna.com/page.aspx?pid=470)
The sequence we will follow:
Nominations: If you are interested in serving, or would like to nominate a fellow alumni member, please inform Carrie Murdock, our Secretary (secy@usnaaa-ntx.com). We will ask all candidates for a short bio and statement about their candidacy. Nominations must be received by February 13th and will be announced at the Feb 21 Chapter lunch. We will encourage but not require candidates to be present at that lunch.
We will publish names of all nominees with a brief bio/statement from the candidate, as we did for officer elections last cycle.
Election: We will hold an electronic election per our bylaws. Current intent is for the election to begin on about March 5th, and have voting open for ten days. Results will be promulgated through normal communication channels.
Notification: We anticipate being notified in April of our qualification status for a trustee seat. Please note that we may not qualify for a trustee position!

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