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Midshipman Tom Lacey Needs Your Help!
Tom Lacey is a firstie who is going USMC and is in the finals of the State Farm National Online Dunk Contest - He needs your online votes!


Three weeks ago Navy Midshipman and soon to be Marine Lieutenant Tom Lacey was just one of 16 finalists chosen from colleges nationwide to participate in the State Farm national online dunk contest on darkhorsedunker.com.  According to the Official Rules, the selections were based on the individuals’ “demonstrated skillset, statistics throughout their college careers, character and leadership qualities.”

And then there were two.  Your dedication, and the dedication of your friends, family members, acquaintances, business colleagues and darkhorsedunker.com stalking victims have led Tom Lacey to the Final Round of the online competition.

Tom is now pitted against a formidable opponent from Purchase College who has many thousands of Instagram followers that helped him get to the last round.  If we can all team together to get Tom the win here, he will be traveling from Annapolis to San Antonio later this month to compete in the State Farm National Slam Dunk Competition on ESPN during the NCAA’s Final Four Basketball Weekend. This task will not be easy.  Tom needs  your strong support.  The Final Round (I promise) starts March 9th at 1pm EST. 

To vote, just go to darkhorsedunker.com on your phones and your computers, click on Final Round and click “VOTE NOW” below Tom Lacey’s photo. Vote every day until the deadline.

If you, your friends and your family members have been voting every day on all available devices, keep it going.  If not, please join in this national movement to get Tom this historical victory on behalf of the United States Naval Academy.  The Naval Academy website is pushing all Midshipmen to vote for Tom, as is the Naval Academy Alumni Association.  Aside from Maryland, New York and New Jersey, we have received reports from supporters in the Carolinas, Florida, California, Arizona and Texas. Fanatics have reportedly visited local libraries, Best Buys, PC Richards and Apple Stores to enter votes for Tom Lacey as well. That support includes individuals, as well as law firms, companies big and small and even the Military Academy at West Point.  The votes through the first 3 rounds have been very close (the opponent won his semifinal with 50.76% of that vote), so every single vote matters.

The contest lasts through Noon Central, 3/16. You and every person you know can vote every day on every cell phone, laptop, desktop, tablet and Smart TV.  Just one person with only a computer and a cell phone  can vote a total of 16 times (twice per day for 8 days).  If you can get everyone in your house, as well as at your spouses’, significant other’s and children’s schools and/or college dorms or workplaces, to vote for Tom Lacey  on darkhorsedunker.com on every device every day, we can generate many thousands of votes.

Remember, a vote for Tom Lacey is a vote for America.  Vote early and vote often.
Thanks very much for your support.
John Lacey

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Friday, Mar 16 2018 at 12:00pm [ iCal ]

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