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In Memoriam - Dee Elliott, USNA '70

Chapter stalwart and mentor to many, Dee will be missed


It is with great sadness that I inform you that our fellow alum, friend and shipmate, Dee Elliott, passed away on Monday 4 June 2018 from his hard-fought battle with ALS. In addition to being a pillar in the community, he was a dedicated man who followed the righteous path and never let his ailment discourage him or take away his ability to make people smile.  Please take a moment to celebrate the life of truly remarkable man. Smooth Sailing, brother...

Please enjoy this video of Dee: https://www.facebook.com/watermarkchurch/videos/10156404566921209/

His celebration of life will be June 15th at 1 PM at Watermark Church in Dallas, TX. The address is 7540 LBJ Freeway, Dallas,TX.


Also, the family asks if anyone from the alumni family wants to participate in being part of the Choir in singing Navy Blue & Gold, Please let me know so I can coordinate. This was one of Dee's last requests so he could stick it to Army on last time...LOL



Junior Ortiz 

President, North Texas Chapter

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