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2017 - State of the Chapter Message

Much is planned for 2017! We need your help to make it a great year.

Greetings North Texas Chapter!

What an exciting year! 2016 was great. 2017 will be better.
Highlights from 2016:
  • Navy-SMU tailgate. 900+ people in the tent. Huge Navy victory on the field. Thank you Ken Smith for your tailgate work!
  • Biggest Blue Chip Dinner in history. Superintendent, Commandant, plus plenty more VIPs from Annapolis; 49 outstanding candidates; and 5 appointments given out to candidates in attendance. Rusty Cone and John Wroten made it happen.  
  • Carry The Load: We supported this alumni-led event last year, and will double down this year. Junior Ortiz led the way.  
  • Some great lunches (Iwo Jim Marine was the highlight), happy hours, some events in Fort Worth, target practice at Trident Response Group’s offices, and Army-Navy parties in three locations
On to 2017! 
We kicked off the year right with a superb event with David Vobora, leader of Adaptive Training Foundation. He gave us an inspirational message about the work he is doing with individuals with disabilities – particularly wounded veterans. http://adaptivetrainingfoundation.org/
Here is what you can expect this year:
  • Chapter Trustee election: Look for an email in the next few days about the process for electing a new National Trustee. Our chapter is privileged to sit on the Alumni Association's national board, and chances are good that we will earn a spot again this year.
  • An evening event in April / May. We are working on a high-class event, with a great speaker from USNA, later this Spring. We have not done an event like this in a while, and we will do it right!
  • We are trying to initiate closer collaboration with the Blue and Gold Officer organization locally. 
  • More events in Fort Worth. We have some volunteers helping us, and can always use more. 
  • Carry The Load: We are working to challenge the chapters along the CTL route as it comes to Dallas, to support the event. 
  • A membership drive: We have over 1000 alumni in the area, but only about 400 members. This is unsat! Yet we’ve doubled our membership over the last 4-5 years, without actively trying. Membership is driven by value, and we are working hard on value for your dues. We had 84 more people join/renew than chose not to renew in 2016, on top of 45 in 2015. We think this is a vote that we're doing something right.
  • Chapter officer elections in the Fall. 
My requests for everyone:
  • Volunteer: We need your help! “The world is run by those who show up”. The Chapter is run by a group of volunteers, all in the heavy-load years of family and career. Anything you can do – organize a happy hour, help with an event, help with the website – is needed. This is YOUR chapter – help us make it great. 
  • Update your profiles! Please click this link, log in to the website, and double check that your profile is up to date. We will do a profile update campaign later this year, but any updates help!
I look forward to seeing you at in 2016 at many fantastic events. On behalf of all the Chapter officers, I say:
Greg Colandrea
President, North Texas Chapter
USNA Alumni Association

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