Candidate information

If you're interested in the U.S. Naval Academy, we can help you learn more!

For all students or active duty enlisted personnel interested in finding out more about the U.S. Naval Academy, the North Texas Chapter can help.


USNA Admissions:  Your first stop should be the USNA Admissions Office. This is your first and best source of information about the admissions process:   https://www.usna.edu/Admissions/


Admissions Office Representative: The admissions process will eventually put qualified candidates in touch with a local "Blue and Gold" officer.  Our local area coordinators for all BGO activities are:

  • Tom Eschenbrenner serves as the Dallas Blue and Gold Officer area coordinator. eschenbrenner@gmail.com
  • Dr. Mike Ryan is the Blue and Gold Officer area coordinator for Fort Worth.  mmczr51@gmail.com.


Speak to local Alumni: If you'd like to speak to a local graduate, please feel free to email any of the Chapter Officers.  We'll either talk to you directly or put you in touch with a local graduate with whom you have something in common - perhaps a sport, location, or a military service selection you might be interested in. 



Serving as a Blue and Gold Officer

Blue & Gold Officers (BGOs) are the volunteer field representatives of the Department of Admissions. Their role is to encourage and guide exceptional individuals to see a Naval career through the Naval Academy. They provide counseling and information to candidates and applicants. While many BGOs are Naval Academy alumni, graduation from USNA is not a prerequisite.

If you are interested in a greatly rewarding volunteer opportunity, working with the next generation of Midshipmen who will be applying to USNA, and supporting the USNA Admissions Information Program, please consider volunteering as a Blue & Gold Officer.

If you live in NTX with a "75" TX zip code, please contact:  CAPT Thomas J. Kapurch, USN (Ret) at purch@1975.usna.com

If you live in NTX with a "76" or "79" TX zip code please contact: Dr. Mike Ryan at mmczr51@gmail.com