President's Update 2022

Greetings North Texas!


I'm providing a midterm annual update as we head in to the remainder of the year and a robust in-person engagement schedule for the Naval Academy North Texas Alumni Chapter in 2022. Certainly 2021 had its ups and downs, and as the pandemic has pushed us further apart socially, so please consider plugging back into your Navy community with us in 2022.


I’d like to first start with a brief wave top recap of 2021. Despite the challenging operational environment we all experienced, the chapter conducted over 20 virtual or in-person events including the Plebe Welcome Picnic and the Blue Chip Dinner. We hosted over 100 midshipmen the evening of Veteran’s Day for an amazing experience highlighted by the powerful songs performed for the group. Lastly, we met in person for breakfast or lunch in person when we could. I’d like to get these numbers back up with recurring attendance for 2022.


2022 is a big year for the chapter, with big plans that everyone should be aware of. (1) We will have a website migration in Q1 from Alumni Magnet to Hivebrite. This will align us with Annapolis and streamline database consistency going forward. Please refer to Greg Colandrea’s message for more information.  (2)  Navy plays at SMU this fall and we will again host the Greatest Tailgater of All Time - hopefully with a Navy win this year. (3) The return of monthly in person events. (4) It's an election year for chapter officers. 

(1) Please refer to this message here for more information. Make every effort to ensure your information is updated before we port over the information.  

(2)  We are in need of volunteers to help with the planning and execution of the tailgater. Please email me directly if you feel called to help in any capacity and want to be on the SMU Tailgate Committee Planning efforts will kick off in early March.

(3) To make it easier for people to plan, our monthly events will be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month with the exception of the July summer vacation break. What will very is the type of event (breakfast, lunch, happy hour, etc.). Please mark your calendars now and stay tuned to the website for specific details by event.

(4) If you have ideas on how to make us better and the energy to back it up, get involved! We esp[ecially need help in Fort Worth, as we want to host breakfasts, lunches and Happy Hours there. If you're a grad on the Fort Worth side of town, please help us out! Email me at


From time to time I receive questions from members on how they can be more involved. There’s always a standing opportunity to provide speakers for lunch, host a happy hour, host a game watching party, or host any other event that perpetuates the principles of our organization and the Naval Academy.  Let me know your ideas and we'll meet you half way with dollars to back it up.  


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the board and chapter officers that have been essential to our operations in 2021 and will be critical headed into a pivotal year.  Thank you all for the work that you do and thank you to the extended chapter support members that serve on existing committees. Also a big thank you to the Blue and Gold Officer community, I very much look forward to our continued partnership in 2022.

VP of Programs – Carrie Murdock

VP of Membership – Matthew Graham

Secretary – Frankie Delgado

Treasurer – Ben Michael

General Director – Junior Ortiz

General Director – Mark Lambright

General Director – Dave Miller

Trustee - Greg Colandrea

Go Navy!

Clif Colbert '09
President, Naval Academy Alumni Association of North Texas