Greetings North Texas!

I want to first wish you all a very Happy New Year and welcome 2020 with you. May this year be filled with happiness and prosperity.  It is my great pleasure to be a part of this Naval Academy team and community and I intend to continue the great legacy that this Chapter has established and carry it forward.

I’d also like to thank Junior Ortiz for his leadership and guidance during the last two years in helping the Chapter continue its goal of being one of the best in the nation. To be exact, we are the largest land locked chapter, ranked in the top 9 in membership participation, and a recipient of the Distinguished Chapter Award for 2019! Truly remarkable results under Junior’s watch; join me in applauding his effort and the other board members of 2019!

My introduction to board service began 15 months ago as your VP of programs. As your President, I will drive the chapter mission and strive to deliver on value for our membership, candidates, and community. I’ll need all your help and continued dedication to grow active chapter membership and participation. More intentionally, I will lean on a great team of board members and chapter officers. Our board strength is incredible with entrepreneurs, directors, bankers, executives, lawyers, and professors. In addition to the fabric of service that binds us together, I’m honored to partner with such professional excellence. Please allow me to introduce, or in some cases reintroduce them to you:

VP of Programs – Carrie Murdock
VP of Membership – Matthew Graham
Secretary – Frankie Delgado
Treasurer – Ben Michael
General Director – Junior Ortiz
General Director – Mark Lambright
General Director – Dave Miller
Trustee - Greg Colandrea

Let’s congratulate them all for answering the call of helping the Chapter grow and thrive. Together we will make this year and the ones to follow memorable! I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to also show my respect and gratitude for all the volunteers that made the last two years as successful as it has been. Without them, we would not have accomplished everything we did, and without them we can’t accomplish what we need to do. Your selfless sacrifice of your time and energy is not lost on me; thank you.

In keeping with the stated mission of the Naval Academy North Texas Alumni Chapter, I expect the board, active officers, and overall membership community to continue to strategically (A) foster the interests of our broad Navy community, (B)  perpetuate the friendships and associations formed by members, (C) seek out, inform, encourage, and assist outstanding qualified young men and women to join us, and (D) initiate and sponsor activities that will perpetuate the history, tradition, memories, and growth of the chapter and our Navy and Marine Corp community.

We have a massive opportunity in 2020 to propel the chapter forward and enhance our 4 stated bylaw objectives by (A) focusing on meaningful, attendance dense World Class Events, (B) utilize existing and emerging technology to more efficiently connect, interact and communicate with our members, candidates, and community, and (C) grow our strategic sponsor activities and active membership to enhance our community footprint, unified across all of North Texas. I ask for support from each and every one of you as we continue to execute on the chapter traditions that bind us to one another while expanding the variety and effectiveness of our activities into new waters to reach the broadest group of members, candidates, and community possible.

So, as we look to 2020 and beyond, cast in all lines and sound the boatswain’s pipe; underway, shift colors!  

Clif Colbert
President, Naval Academy Alumni Association of North Texas


Go Navy!