Carry the Load - Calling all USNA Alumni!

This cause is now our flagship fundraiser event for USNAAA NTX. This organization supports our Chapter mission, veterans and USNA alumni. SWAG opportunity this year!


If you think Memorial Day means more than a cookout and a great retail marketing opportunity…

If you think as a nation, we can better honor our fallen…

If as a member of the USNA Alumni family of North Texas, you want to be a part of making this happen…please read on. 


As fellow Alumni and friends of the founders of Carry The Load, this event is now our flagship charitable event of the year. Last year we made a big splash – literally and figuratively - with the amount we raised and the downpour during the walk!

For those who are not familiar, Carry The Load is a non-profit dedicated to putting meaning back into Memorial Day. Founded by two of our graduates - Clint Bruce '97 and Stephen Holley '00 - it is a reminder to people nationwide that Memorial Day is more than just barbecues. Started as a way to honor fallen friends, the movement has grown to national levels with walks from both coasts ending in Dallas on Memorial Day weekend.

We annually challenge ourselves to support Carry the Load through donations, walking at the event on Memorial Day, and supporting our team at the tent on site.    

This is a life-changing event where we come together to focus on what truly matters.   

What our Chapter is doing:

  • Creating a Naval Academy Alumni & Family team to walk on Memorial Day
  • Supporting our team on-site during the event in the VIP section
  • And finally, appealing to our membership to donate to Carry The Load

PLEASE DONATE: The Chapter feels so strongly about this mission becuase if it wasn't for our military, police, fire fighters, and first responders putting their lives on the line for us eveyday, we would NOT have the freedoms that we have!

  1. Register as part of our USNA ALUMNI – NORTH TEXAS team. You can donate just to the team or start your own participant fundraising page. This is the best way to get the word out to others. If you want the special Load Carrier t-shirt, you must create your own fundraising page and donate/raise at least $200
  2. If you want to be a part of the annual donation on behalf of the chapter, you can click through to donate via our chapter website; however, you will not receive the Load Carrier shirt, regardless of donation amount to the donation tickets on our website.

 *** SWAG Opportunity for 2019 Donations (prizes are not cumulative - your choice up to the maximum qualified prize):


  • For each $50 donation, you qualify for a USNAAA NTX Stadium Cup (Yellow cups from the SMU Tailgater)
  • For each $100 donation, you qualify for a USNAAA NTX T-Shirt 
  • For each $200 donation or greater, you qualify for a USNAAA NTX Tumbler/Mug


YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WALK OR PARTICIPATE TO DONATE!!! All donations are tax-deductible to a 501(c)3 organization. 

IN SUMMARY: Every December, the Chapter comes together to support our Blue Chip Dinner, directly helping admissions of amazing candidates to USNA. Carry the Load is our mid-year charitable event directly supporting the mission of our Chapter and an amazing organization. 


**Support of this event and organization was deliberated on by our Board of Directors and chosen based on very specific criteria. We will continue to be highly selective on the participation of our Chapter in third-party activities. 

Click here to donate, volunteer or to be a walker!!!