Army vs Navy Football Watch Party

Come enjoy the game with friends, family and fellow grads

texas-live-venueTexas Live! in Arlington (smack in the middle of the metroplex) will be the host of this years  official Army Navy watch party! 

Please RSVP to let us know who's coming - no cost! - so we have an idea of how many to plan for. Look for the check in table at the main entrance pre-kickoff or feel free to come directly to the Navy section on the main floor where we'll have a flag up.

We've agreed to share the venue with our West Point brothers but they will have their own section roughly 100 feet from ours - close enough for us to inflict verbal motivation when the game is going our way. The venue holds 500+ so there's plenty of room for everyone.  Beat Army!


Event Details

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2:00PM - 6:00PM Sat 14 Dec 2019, Central timezone


Texas Live
1650 E Randol Mill
Arlington, TX 76011

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Look Who's Coming:

Clif Colbert (+3 guests)
Junior Ortiz
Stephen Shigley
Greg Colandrea
Sarah Shigley
Patricia Ortiz
Clif Colbert
Matthew Graham
John Cox
PJ Picache (+10 guests)
John Whitehead
Monty Knapp
John Thompson
  USNA ‘65
John Thompson
  USNA ‘65
John Thompson
Nina Thompson
Douglas Foster + 4 guests
  NovaLex Consulting
Darryl Smith
Brian Williams + 3 guests
Rod Green
  Naval Academy Parents Club of North Texas
Chris Dodrill
Steve Hannifin
Stephen Weatherspoon
Kris + Two Guests Belland
Don Hay + 2 guests
HS Johnson. +1
Marcia Etie
Lisa Brown
  Navy parent
Thad Brown + 1 guest
  Navy parent
Mark Waterbury
Robert Adler
Robert Adler+ 2 guests
Greg Colandrea
Tom Mewhinney + 1 guests
Edward (and guest) Wynne
Robert and Joanne Goodman
  Navy parents '07, '13
Gary Vigen
  USNA Parents Club
Dave MIller + 1 guest
Bud Barnes'67 + 2
John Freeman (+10 guests)
Roland and Christine Towers
  USNA ‘87
Tom Meyer
  Ventom Holdings, LLC
Donovan Chandler
Donovan Chandler +2 guests
Carlos Jimenez
  U.S. Naval Academy
Carlos Jimenez + 1 guest
  USNA '86
Martha Williams
Richard + 1 guest Malczynski
David Pryde
Linda Wallace
Andy Rojas + 3 guests
  US Navy!
Terry Moore
Dan Lawrence + 2 guests
Craig & Bridget Majkowski
Per Lovfald (+5)
Ben Michael
Christine Perry
Christine Perry + 10 classmates/guests
Mark Kochalka
Elizabeth Allee + 3 Guests
Eric Dyson
Andrew Cuca
J Carter + 2 guests
Per Lovfald (+5)
Ray Lamas+1
Morgan Hill (+10 guests)
Lance Bierwirth
Randy & Debbie Smith
Lance Bierwirth (+1 Guest)
Jeffrey Shoemake
Jeffrey +1 Shoemake
Christine Perry + 10 guests Class of 199
Duane Carr
Travis Probe
Jon Hamilton
Cindy Green
  Naval Academy Parents Club of North Texas
John Lopes
William Barth + 4
... a total of 78 guests.
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