North Texas chapter website will be transitioning to new myUSNA platform

BIG changes coming in 2022!

The short version:

  • New chapter website coming shortly
  • We will be part of one common platform for ALL Alumni Chapters, classes, SIGs and Parents Club chapters. It's a HUGE effort by Annapolis.
  • We need your help!
  • To help NTX launch quickly, please update your profile with NTX chapter, AND with the national site. That helps us sync across two databases as your volunteer leaders prep for launch.
  • We need your help! 2 minutes - about as long as a chow call! Scroll down to the UPDATE buttons click thru to your profiles.


The details:

The USNA Alumni Association national organization in Annapolis has launched a new alumni community platform, for all chapters, classess, parents club chapters, SIGs - everything. Here is a quick video overview:


In 2009, North Texas was the very first chapter to launch on such a platform (our current site) and we saw immediate growth and easier management for our volunteers. Other chapters followed. Now, Annapolis is launching a solution for ALL these alumni groups. It is a major investment - in part, directly attributable to the recently-completed capital campaign.


With the 2021 Blue Chip Dinner behind us - and a huge success! - this is our chapter leadership's next focus.


We need your help! Our chapter's database - today - is not the same database as the national organization's in Annapolis. It WILL be after this update. To help us sync your NTX profile information with your profile info, please log in to both and ensure they are identical: email address, mailing address, correct first name (e.g. Robert or Bob? pick one!), work info etc. This will help out your volunteer leaders tremendously!


Please review your profile and let us know more about you - your military background, your USNA company, and more.

**IMPORTANT** - you have an account under the email address that you get chapter email at! Please DO NOT create a new account - instead, use the link under "Forgot your password" on the login page.

- click the log in button on the blue horizontal ribbon
- open the drop down by clicking your name once logged in - you will see the 'my profile' option. Click it
- the 'my profile' option will allow you to add/change the name and update an email address along with any other info you want to add





And - please check your national profile. In many cases, our chapter's data is more current than what Annapolis has.

- on the top right corner of the webpage is where you will find the 'login'
- once logged in (perhaps a forgotten piece of info, which can be corrected there too) click the icon on the top right corner of the page to update your profile
- check that the email address and your name is the same as you are using in the USNA NTX chapter site site.






Thanks, and please let us know any feedback on the profile or the website!