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Carry the Load - Memorial Day Event

Dallas Memorial March scheduled for Sunday, May 26

The North Texas Chapter is proud to support CARRY THE LOAD in their first Memorial March. The information below is from their website about this event.

Our Story 

“I served our country as a Navy SEAL. Every Memorial Day, I have a persistent, dull, deep ache. It’s the memory of all of the buddies I’ll never be able to talk to again. I couldn’t express my feelings with words, so I put on my boots, loaded my pack, and I started walking. With every step, I thought about those buddies I lost. As I walked, a man stopped me and asked, ‘Son, who are you arrying?’ He understood what I couldn’t say. At that moment, I knew that other people felt like me, and Carry The Load was born.”

Clint Bruce
Founder, Carry The Load 

Dallas Memorial March 

Celebrate a meaningful Memorial Day by supporting Carry The Load. The Dallas Memorial March is a 20-hour, 13-minute event that honors veterans, active duty service members, law enforcement officers, firefighters and their families for their sacrifices. CTL raises money through participation and ponsorships to support nonprofit organizations which focus on helping these groups.

It’s a life-changing journey for people as they walk or run as long or as little as they can during the event...Like the service members they honor, they carry more than they have to longer than they think they can.

Proceeds benefit: Heroes on the Water, Assist the Officer Foundation, Friends of Dallas Fire-Rescue, Tip of the Spear, and Sons of the Flag Burn Foundation.

Contact Rebecca Harsila, Event Coordinator

Register to participate, volunteer or fundraise at http://carrytheload.org/


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